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208M Jaguar 2.4 Mechanical with very rare grey base

208M Jaguar 2.4 Mechanical with very rare grey base

170 GBP
The Mechanical models had a short life and did not sell well, now being some of the most sought-after of the early range. This Jaguar is particularly interesting because it has a grey base. Every other example that I have encountered has had the black base which tends to be the case across most of the M models apart from the Ford Mustang, Studebaker and Austin A40 which all appear to have had a grey base. So this would seem to be a model produced very late in the day, probably during late 1958 or early 1959 just before being taken off production. It really is quite a rare item.

This one is in pretty good condition. There is wear to the paintwork but it still looks nice as the photographs show. The wheels and tyres are good and all original and the windows very clean with no cracks or scratches. The motor works if you're careful but it's not great and the gears don't always engage. It is in place, though, and not rattling around inside the body like some are.

The other model that I know exists with both black and grey bases is the Standard Vanguard RAF Staff Car. This was first issued in later 1958 which makes me think that the grey base may not have been used until 1959 and certainly it would have been very late during the 208M production period.