Corgi Toys 1956-73
208M Jaguar 2.4

208M Jaguar 2.4

45 GBP
From 1957 comes this lovely Jaguar 2.4 litre. It was available in white as the normal model with a tin base and this metallic blue edition with a friction motor.

The M models were never particularly popular and were withdrawn from 1959 so this was not a big seller and now they are quite hard to find in good condition.

This example has nice all original paintwork with some signs of wear. Otherwise this is excellent, with good shiny wheels and original tyres in good condition - important as I am not sure how easy it would be to change those at the rear!

The motor works smoothly. The windows are clean but have become discoloured with age, possibly sunlight. I know that the plastic housing for some cars' headlights can becoming creamy-yellowish after some time but can be brought back to crystal clear by application of something like floor polish. Certain brands are suggested by the experts and I may try and get some one day. In the meantime it is available as it stands and maybe you can try. They are not scratched or cracked and you can see through them.

A scarce model at a reasonable price.