Corgi Toys 1956-73
206M Hillman Husky grey

206M Hillman Husky grey

60 GBP

One of the first from 1956 but with just a short life as the Mechanical versions weren’t made after 1959. I have seen this in dark bright blue. This is the rather more tedious grey. However, that was much more likely to be the colour that you’d find out on the roads!

It’s an odd little car - more like a van with windows and is a bit shorter than the Hillman Minx that it was based on and shared insides with. Now you’d think that the whole of the rear would open up but no, hatchbacks would have to wait a while. It’s just a boot which makes one wonder why people didn’t just buy a Minx.

This is, as the M infers, the Mechanical version and significantly rarer than the freewheeler #206. The motor works well if a bit noisily and the car, whilst missing some paint, is sound and otherwise undamaged. The windows are clear and unmarked and the wheels are good and tyres look original.

These can only get rarer. It’s fairly priced for a working version.