Corgi Toys 1956-73
206 Hillman Husky

206 Hillman Husky

50 GBP

One of the first from 1956 in a very boring beige but that is, indeed, a pretty typical colour of the day

It’s an odd little car - more like a van with windows and is a bit shorter than the Hillman Minx that it was based on and shared insides with. Now you’d think that the whole of the rear would open up but no, hatchbacks would have to wait a while. It’s just a boot which makes one wonder why people didn’t just buy a Minx.

This is the normal version and has survived well. There is some wear to the paintwork but nothing serious and no dents. The screens are good with no cracks or scratches and the wheels and tyres are good although I may have to replace a couple of tyres that look a bit vulnerable.

The base is the black tin, very thin and it has started to rust but that can be stopped.

A nice example.