Corgi Toys 1956-73
205M Riley Pathfinder blue with original box

205M Riley Pathfinder blue with original box

170 GBP

A wonderful car. The Riley was in the first group of cars issued in 1956 and to my mind the best. It is a superbly designed car and the model reflects this well.

This is a really nice example with bright wheels and very good windows. The motor works and that is nice and smooth, with nice tyres and an exceptionally clean and tidy base. The paintwork is very good with just a few marks only.

It comes with a rare early type box which is solid and clean. It is missing one end flap and has a tear at one side with a small tape repair. A 205M box, though, is very hard to find now.

These did not sell well and were withdrawn in 1959 so now fetch good prices and good ones are not easy to track down, with many getting repainted. This is all original.

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