Corgi Toys 1956-73
205 Riley Pathfinder

205 Riley Pathfinder

80 GBP
From the very first releases in 1956 comes this wonderful model. Looking very grand and a marvellous design, the Riley Pathfinder was one of my favourites, espcially the dark blue Mechanical model. This is the normal version with the early flat wheels. It is in absolutely superb condition. Wonderful! The base is like new and the wheels and tyres are all original and unworn. the windows are crystal clear.

You really will not find a better example of this model.

Although shown here on its own, I do have a box that is presently for sale with one of the 205M models but it is a 205 box and in quite good condition. If you would like to have that too with this model then get in touch and I can advise a price, assuming that the box remains available, of course.