Corgi Toys 1956-73
204M Rover 90 in deep metallic green

204M Rover 90 in deep metallic green

80 GBP
From the original 1956 issue, the Rover 90 was not that popular and not many of the Mechanical versions were sold before being withdrawn in 1959. 

This model can be found in two colours - a fairly bright solid green and this deeper metallic green which has more of a blue shade. This is the less common colour although neither re that easy to find these days and certainly not with a good working friction motor.

This one is in nice condition, clean an with minimal playwear. the screens are clear and clean and the paintwork is all original. The motor works and seems to have been little used. The wheels are excellent, with replacement tyres now. the base has no sign of rust or wear other than in the usual place on the 'differential' bulge.