Corgi Toys 1956-73
204M Rover 90 (2)

204M Rover 90 (2)

45 GBP
This is a very attractive example of a rare version from the very early Corgi catalogue. A Rover 90 in green with the ‘Mechanical’ friction motor. 60 years on, the motor is not now working, though.

This example has clean windows, a couple of which have small scratches and marvellous paintwork, the wheels also being very good and almost as new.

It is difficult to find this in any condition and the Mechanical version, only available from 1956 to 1959, never sold that well. This is said to be one of the rarest of the M series as it was not a popular model, not being a particularly good reproduction of the real P4 shape. I had a real Rover 100 myself and do find this a bit odd but it isn’t as bad as some say.