Corgi Toys 1956-73
204 Morris Mini-Minor in metallic blue with black base

204 Morris Mini-Minor in metallic blue with black base

70 GBP
The standard Morris Mini-Cooper remained as 226 in purple for quite a while longer than most models, not converting to Whizzwheels until 1972. With production ceasing in 1973, it was not around for long but nevertheless managed to undergo several variations during that short space of time. It can be found in orange, orange with a black roof, metallic blue and solid blue. Windows can be tinted, the interiors may change from lemon or cream, even red and the base may be silver or black.

This plethora of variants has meant that the numbers of any individual combination are pretty low and so values are really remarkably high, mostly due to the enthusiastic collectors of Mini models out there.

This example is all original with good paintwork and the windows are clear and base clean. The wheels have retained the silver detailing. Suspension, as with all these models is not great but not broken either. That's just how it is. This model is probably from the Gift Set 11 (with a taxi and double-decker bus) as it has tinted windows and I believe these were only available in those sets. The model is available without tinted windows on its own too.

A pretty scarce item.