Corgi Toys 1956-73
201M Austin Cambridge

201M Austin Cambridge

110 GBP

One of the very first in 1956.

This is the Mechanical version and has a working motor. It is original and according to some sites this is a very rare model with just 10,000 or so made. I do have doubts about that figure, though, and think it may be a misprint for 110,000 which is what the figures for the other original M models are and I don’t see any reason for this one to be significantly less.

This is in grey, as were almost all the M versions, and that was a typical colour of the day. This is a superb model in wonderful and original condition, with only the slightest of paint missing her and there. Possibly one of the best around.

I am very impressed with this and think you will be too, especially if it turns out that the very low production figures are right!

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