Corgi Toys 1956-73
200M Ford Consul blue

200M Ford Consul blue

70 GBP

So this is where it all began in 1956. This inconspicuous and unattractive car was the very first in Corgi’s catalogue and in the first batch put on sale.

This is the Mechanical version which did not prove very popular and were taken off production a couple of years later and are now much scarcer, especially with a working motor and reasonable, original paintwork!

Having been rather dismissive of the green colour of the first one of these I had obtained, this quite pleasant blue comes along. It’s not a colour I remember seeing on the real thing but it does look a lot more cheerful on the shelf! It’s also pretty rare!

This one has good original paintwork with a few signs of wear which are not obvious on display but really do seem to have been exaggerated by these photos! Oh well, all I can say is a buyer will not be disappointed now.

The wheels and tyres are good and windows nice and clear. That can make a huge difference to the model. The base is rust-free and clean and the motor is working.

Another very scarce and collectable item indeed.