Corgi Toys 1956-73
200 Ford Consul in mushroom

200 Ford Consul in mushroom

35 GBP
From the very first group of cars launched in 1956. This is the first - catalogue number 200, Ford Consul in a delightfully tedious shade of dirt. This is pretty accurate, though, as if you watch  colour newsreels from these days you will see that the only paint apparently available to British car manufacturers was a dull shade of brown , grey or green. 

Corgi released this in various shades of mushroom ranging from pale to this deeper shade. For the Mechanical editions they went to town with an almost bright green and quite pleasant blue.

This example has lasted well over the 60 years or so. It has signs of playwear, of course, but it is all original and the windows have survived remarkably well. the base is sound and the wheels straight and clean. Not bad at all and these earliest models are beginning to get harder to find.