Corgi Toys 1956-73
200 Ford Consul 2nd edition

200 Ford Consul 2nd edition

45 GBP
In 1959 Corgi extended the life of some of their very first launch range by issuing them in fresh two-tone colours. The Ford gets cream over bright green, much more cheerful than the previous very drab colours for the non-Mechanical version. These can be a little harder to find than the originals as they had to compete with Ford Thunderbirds in smart convertible mode and Plymouths with interiors coming out that year and, of course, models with suspension too, all making these models look rather quaint and old-fashioned.

This has taken me a while to find and is actually the last of the two-tones to come as so many were either in terrible condition of simply very expensive. It is in good condition. The paintwork has obvious wear but, unlike so many, it has not been touched up and remains entirely original. The windows are lovely and clean and unmarked too. the wheels are shiny and the base very clean too.

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