Corgi Toys 1956-73
158 Lotus-Climax F1 Racing Car

158 Lotus-Climax F1 Racing Car

16 GBP
In July 1969 this replaced the 155 model that had been going strong since 1964. It was also the second to feature a clever bit of engineering with accurate steering. Moving the driver from left to right steered the car. Brilliant.

This model had the later flat profile tyres with Corgi branding and tread, large on the back and small at the front in what appear to be wider sizes than on the slaoon models issued with a similar tyre.

This example is in very good condition, small marks to the nose area and rear only. Otherwise the orange paintwork is great and the white paintwork too. The decals are all present and nice and clean. The mirrors and spoiler are present, but the exhausts is missing/ This is an easy repair as the chrome unit just pushes in. The spoiler can be adjusted too. 

The track rod on this model is fixed in the straight-ahead position.