Corgi Toys 1956-73
154, 155, 156 Ferrari, Lo0tus and Maserati F1 Racing Cars

154, 155, 156 Ferrari, Lo0tus and Maserati F1 Racing Cars

150 GBP
From the Wilford Collection.

These are production samples from Percy Wilford, Corgi's Senior Model Maker who worked closely with Marcel Van Cleemput in the Northampton factory. They appear pretty much identical to the issued models, although the Lotus has a later style of tyre to the original issue, similar to those fitted to the Maserati. The Ferrari has a dab of red paint on a front wheel and no driver.

They are all in excellent condition with no chips to the paintwork nor any signs of use. they do not have boxes and were probably used as display samples for promotional photos or drawings.

The Maserati appears to have one rear wheel fixed which may be due to lack of movement and corrosion on the axle over the last 50 years or, perhaps, deliberately set to prevent the model moving in a particular scene. The decals are all intact and the chrome has survived with only some wear evident on a couple of places.

This has come to light from Percy Wilford's grandson who has signed a statement of provenance for this model.

A chance to obtain a little of Corgi's 1960s history at a modest price.