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150 Vanwall F1 Racing Car

150 Vanwall F1 Racing Car

40 GBP
A nice example of the very first Corgi racing car. This must now be 60 years old and looks great still, with its British Racing Greenpaintwork and shiny wheels. There is some loss of paint here and there but it is not at all obvious on display. the original Vanwall transfer is present and intact and the RN 1 is almost all still there.

The car still has an original screen but that has been slightly chipped on one side. The steering wheel is in place and this is correct in having no driver (which were not added until the second edition with suspension).

Interestingly, this model seems to have its original tyres but they are all normal size whereas these were most often fitted with a larger size at the rear. Of course, it is not possible to know now whether they were not changed many years ago by its young owner!

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