Corgi Toys 1956-73
1487 Corgi Cargoes - Milk Churns

1487 Corgi Cargoes - Milk Churns

30 GBP
Normally supplied in sets, these cargoes were designed to fit on the flatbed trailers or rear sections of early lorries. Corgi made four available individually too. these were:

1485 Planks
1486 Marston Bricks
1487 Milk Churns
1488 Cement Bags

I addition there was 1490 Skip and 3 Churns for attachment to a Massey Ferguson tractor.

These were all available from 1960 until 1964 but sales were not that great, most people getting them in a set. Now they are quite desirable. Individual items, of course, cannot be distinguished as to whether they were sold in a pack or with models in a Gift Set.

The milk churns cargo here is in nice condition with minimal wear in bright silver metal.