Corgi Toys 1956-73
1169 Ford Guinness Tanker with original box

1169 Ford Guinness Tanker with original box

75 GBP
This would be one of Corgi's very last models in this scale before everything stopped in 1983 and production went to China. issues in 1982, this had a very short life-span and good examples are not at all easy to find now. production umbers are uncertain but they are certainly not at all high.

This particular example is a very fortunate find. The very late box style shows the period it comes from well. The cellophane is complete but it has become a bit crinkled in places and there is one area where it has been damaged. The box itself is good. I don't think the model had been removed from the box other than for these photos and you will see that the truck remains with its original securing elements in place. For this reason, I have not taken my usual photos of the truck in a scene somewhere. If you have been searching for one of these then I felt that a collector will appreciate the fact that this is so much like shop stock.

As far as I can see, the truck is in as new condition. An excellent buy for someone.