Corgi Toys 1956-73
1160 Ford Cab and Gulf Fuel Tanker

1160 Ford Cab and Gulf Fuel Tanker

30 GBP
One of Corgi's late models and which uses the last of the Ford Cabs. The cab still tilts forward but gone are the mirrors, horns and lots of detail and it just feels a less well-produced item. Although is has a plastic tanker section, the whole model still is pleasantly heavy with a solid chassis and nice wheels but, interestingly, no suspension now.

There is a batch of these - two Esso (one being Exxon), this Gulf and a German Aral tankers - which are all pretty similar and were presumably a way for Corgi to multiply what small income they did generate in the later years. 

This model is fairly scarce now, only produced for a couple of years. It is in good condition. One of two small chips to the white paintwork but it has good original stickers along each side and on the rear. the windows are intact and clear.