Corgi Toys 1956-73
1151 Scammell Co-op Cab with Articulated Trailer

1151 Scammell Co-op Cab with Articulated Trailer

135 GBP
You may see from my other listing of this number that this is one of three items that could be obtained from the Co-operative Society by saving coupons and sending them off. There were a Co-op Milk Float, like 466 but with Co-op stickers and cast wheels, a Co-op Van, based on the Commer Van like 462 - i.e. without a removable rear section - in pale blue and white and also bearing Co-op stickers and with cast wheels, and the Scammell Cab and Trailer. The cab is white and the trailer light blue on a white chassis, both bearing Co-op stickers.

Because these were only available from the coupon exchange and this was not that popular, the offer being withdrawn in 1971 after a matter of months, all three items are very scarce now. The Scammell Cab and Trailer are particularly hard to find now in good condition. Beware, too, repainted models which may have originated as one of the other Scammell trucks and trailers which were issued and which can be obtained cheaply, especially for repainting. Co-op stickers are also easy to get hold of so there are plenty of copies around of this. The Milk Float and Van are more difficult because they need the cast wheels which are not easy to change. You will also find sellers hoping to get away with selling a normal 466 Milk Float as a Co-op edition by adding some stickers and hoping you don't notice the wheels! 

This example is just the Scammell Cab and Trailer at the moment and is in fine condition indeed. there are very few signs of this having been played with, just a few small marks on the edge of the trailer but the white paint on the cab is excellent. The wheels are good, with original and good tyres all round, including the spare. The windows are very clean and clear of scratches too. One Co-op sticker is missing from a cab door. 

This has now been reserved for a collector in Wales.
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