Corgi Toys 1956-73
1151 Co-op Promotional Set

1151 Co-op Promotional Set

255 GBP
A very rare set indeed, issued in brown card boxes only for a limited period during 1970/1. The set comprised these three items:

462 Commer Van in blue and white with three Co-op stickers and cast wheels
466 Commer Milk Float in blue and white with three Co-op stickers and cast wheels
1151 Scammell Cab and Articulated Trailer, white cab with blue trailer on white chassis, both with Co-op stickers.

The Milk Float is almost identical to the normal 466 model released in a Corgi box but that did not have Co-op stickers and I am not aware of any of those with cast wheels. Reproduction stickers are easy to find so you need to be careful with determining whether the Milk Float is genuinely from this set. The cast wheels will eb a good guide but not necessarily exclusive.

Th cab has twin jewelled headlights and should have a Co-operative sticker across the top which is missing at the moment. I have ordered a replacement which will be added before sale.

In their original simple folded brown card 'boxes' this set is extremely expensive as the numbers produced appear to be very low indeed. This set has been played with but is really not at all bad. the only flaw is that the suspension has broken on the articulated trailer. This is a common fault and even those that are mint have suffered a similar fate as the plastic arm providing the 'spring' will now be very brittle. It makes little difference on display and all the screens are clean and clear. Some stickers have a little wear but they are all present and original. If I were keeping this set I would consider replacing only one or two stickers at most.

I am preparing a set pf reproduction 'boxes' for these item too which will add to their appeal and hope to be able to match almost exactly the original packing.

With so few of these available it is not easy to price. I think this is a reasonable figure, however, for such a scarce and complete set.
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