Corgi Toys 1956-73
1148 Scammell Car Transporter

1148 Scammell Car Transporter

100 GBP
Corgi made many car transporters. Basically, every time they produced a new cab they made a transporter with it and, of course, the earlier ones had several colour variations too. This one is one of the more scarce transporters, available only for a short period in 1969 before it was replaced by a Tri-deck affair in 1970. You will not see many of these and certainly not many in good condition.

This has its four bright yellow chocks in place and is in all working order. The nice twin jewelled headlamps are present, the windows clean and undamaged and the paintwork is very good indeed across the model but especially on the trailer section where it is most prone to get chipped. The chevron decals are also present and complete on the ramp.

A superb item and missing from many collections. In the Gift Set, this was the last to have non-Whizzwheels and would hav been the source for some rare models like the MGC GT in orange and the Saint's Volvo with cast wheels and a red label. 
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