Corgi Toys 1956-73
1147 Scammell 'Ferrymasters' Truck

1147 Scammell 'Ferrymasters' Truck

60 GBP
Issued in 1969, this was not a big seller and now these trucks are sought after in good condition.  It uses the Scammell cab with a trailer that you'll find appears again and again over many years to follow! Here the cab is yellow and white and the trailer yellow with a black chassis. On the trailer are two plastic shapes that I guess are supposed to resemble containers covered with tarpaulin. I do find that a bit odd as containers would just sit on the trailer so maybe they're not supposed to be containers at all but in fact the idea is that there would be a load of goodness knows what underneath the covering.

I made a mistake when I bought this one by not looking closely at the photos supplied. It doesn't have any interior! Now I know Corgi would start to cut back on things but that would start a little later and, anyway, that would be a bit extreme! I quickly realised that I had been pretty much taken for a ride by the seller but, fortunately, I had been looking - literally, the morning that this arrived - at a parts web site and noticed that every Scammell listed had the same group of spares listed. I actually thought it was a bit silly and they should have just had one group and referred to that in subsequent examples but that's by the by. The fact is that these cabs are renowned for coming apart and they can quite simply be separated and put back together gain without damaging any rivets. So I am going to fit a replacement interior and window unit and make it all good again. If I can get original items I will use them but there will be no discernible difference.

Otherwise, this is a great example. The trailer is excellent, very clean and the load covers are very bright and clean too.

The price includes the repairs and photos of the completed item will be added when ready.
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