Corgi Toys 1956-73
1147 Scammell Cab and Ferrymasters Trailer

1147 Scammell Cab and Ferrymasters Trailer

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Another of the late Corgi trucks, this was issued in 1969 and survived a few years only.  The Scammell cab was used for a few items, sometimes simply replacing the Ford cab and with a change of colour scheme. So you'll recognise the trailer which will appear several times again.

This is quite a decent model with twin jewelled headlamps and detailed wheels, still with rubber tyres. Most collectors lose interest when the wheels become solid plastic later on. There are signs of wear but generally this is in very nice condition and is attractive on display. I have made the Ferrymasters sign for the cab, which was only a paper sticker before and so is not at all obvious.

The cab on the Scammell is made in two pieces - the white top and yellow chassis and they come apart quite easily. Clearly, at some time they had come apart on this model as there was no interior when it arrived! I have now replaced that and fitted a replacement screen too. The yellow 'containers' on the trailer are excellent and the rest of the model is original.

These are not so easy to find now and this is a chance to get a nice one quite reasonably.

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