Corgi Toys 1956-73
1145 Unimog with Goosenck Dumper (2nd Edition)

1145 Unimog with Goosenck Dumper (2nd Edition)

40 GBP

A second edition of this was released in 1976. Like the other Unimog re-releases, it was much less detailed but looked much the same from a distance.

It has a brighter yellow finish, no jewelled lights or smart suspension and plastic wheels and tyres. This one has a blue chassis but I think there are also red ones. These are genuinely not easy to find, despite being pretty poor models and one of the decidedly less exciting of the whole range!

This example is in really nice condition with clean and clear windows and only a few tiny marks on the paintwork.

This second edition only had a short life but is still quite cheap - if, that is, you can find one! Odd.

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