Corgi Toys 1956-73
1143 American La France Aerial Rescue Truck

1143 American La France Aerial Rescue Truck

40 GBP

Here is a remarkable model. It is very big and has lots of features and clever engineering. The ladder can be raised and extended from the two controls on the side, with stabilisers that can be pulled out to prevent it tipping over.

There is a bundle of at least six further plastic ladders stored in the rear section. I have no idea what these do and haven’t tried to extract them yet. A character sits on the rear section behind a screen, which, interestingly is the only one on the model, the front just being an open frame. Five further characters sit in the front section.

There is an aerial that has just about survived and the front has twin jewelled lamps encased in chrome surround and, presumably left over from the Bentley Continental, there are two sets of double tiny red jewels in chrome surrounds too.

It is all very well put together and has decent suspension, wheels and tyres. This example is clean and seems complete and functioning as it should. Quite a lot for the money!

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