Corgi Toys 1956-73
1140 Bedford Mobilgas Tanker (2nd Edition)

1140 Bedford Mobilgas Tanker (2nd Edition)

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This is the second Mobilgas tanker. The rear section appears to be identical, just paired now with the later Bedford tractor cab. It is a bit odd and, to my mind, there is a slightly too long a gap between the two sections. It looked right before. Now it doesn’t.

Corgi did the same with their Milk tanker. Many seller get confused as it is also simple to swap tractor units!

Another odd thing is that the tractor unit has suspension but the tanker section doesn’t and it also has fixed wheels whereas the tractor unit has free spinning wheels. One day someone will combine an old tanker with early smooth wheels with a later cab which would look even more silly.

There is also the US Army Fuel Tanker version but that was never updated cab-wise.

This didn’t stay around for long and the second version is quite expensive in good condition. This is excellent with just very small marks. The silver paintwork along the top of the tanker is lovely and the transfers very nice.

On this particular example, the mirrors have been fitted the wrong way round at the factory! So it is a little more unusual.

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