Corgi Toys 1956-73
1131 Bedford TK Carrimore Machinery Carrier

1131 Bedford TK Carrimore Machinery Carrier

100 GBP

From my own collection and in good condition. The rear axle tilts and can be taken off and both the cab and the unit are looking very neat and tidy and all totally original.

I had some Castrol transfers as a child so one of those has found its way onto the unit but it could probably be removed without damaging anything. It actually looks fine.

A nice item at a reasonable price as this combination is scarce. Most had a different shade of blue and this is also different to that of the tanker. A comparison with a Co-op Van colour is also shown in the photos..

The trailer section has 1104 on the base but it really isn’t the 1104 model which had a winch device and was pulled by an earlier style of cab. Odd. In fact I have discovered that this is one of the very earliest versions of this combination of cab and trailer, the pale blue cab being quite rare, and the yellow rear wheel unit was usually black. Later editions have the 1104 text blanked out on the base.