Corgi Toys 1956-73
1120 Midland Red Motorway Express Coach in original box

1120 Midland Red Motorway Express Coach in original box

100 GBP

What a lovely model. I have not really noticed this bus in the past. Corgi only did two buses - the classic London double decker and this one. Later they were to go to town and produce loads, of course!

It is an ideal vehicle for the Corgi treatment and quite unlike other models. The base, for instance, looks quite different with sharply defined features and the push-and-twist fixings instead of rivets.

The windows are one large piece of perspex which stretches down to provide the footwell panel and incorporates the stylish bulge at the front. It has suspension, too, which gives the bus a more modern feel than its 1961 vintage might indicate.

Only around for a short period until 1962. I would have thought this would have been a popular model worth keeping for longer. Perhaps its small scale did make it look strange amongst saloons and some other vehicles. On its own, though, it was stunning. Only a few weeks earlier, collectors would have seen the Bedford CA Military Ambulance added to the shelves with no interior, no suspension. 

This is in super condition with the shiny stickers in place and almost no chips or marks, clean windows and good wheels and tyres. I think this is one to watch as the years go by.

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