Corgi Toys 1956-73
1111 Massey Ferguson 780 Combine Harvester

1111 Massey Ferguson 780 Combine Harvester

30 GBP
The first issue with yellow wheels and it did have metal tines. This edition was not around for long before it was replaced by a plastic tined model a year or so later. 

The majority of the model is in first class condition with very minor paint loss and the wheels and tyres are excellent. It needs a little attention, however, with the tine bars needing to be replaced and the screw that lifts the front section is quite stiff. I am not sure whether the plastic handle now does grip it as it should. It may just need some careful freeing and it will be good again.

It is definitely worth doing those things as it is an excellent example otherwise of the first edition which is much sought after now.
Available at a very modest price.