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1109 Ford Cab with Michelin Containers (1st edition)

1109 Ford Cab with Michelin Containers (1st edition)

75 GBP
For only a short period in 1979 this Ford H Series cab with trailer and Michelin load was available. It can easily be distinguished from the 2nd issue that came out in 1981 by the chassis colour. On the 1st issue it's black and the later issue is white. No doubt there'll be other differences as I imagine the cab will have been recast but I have yet to get a model to examine.

This is a splendid example of a really pretty scarce item that doesn't look anything out of the ordinary at all and, like many later trucks, could simply get ignored at sales. So keep an eye out for this one. The load appears more like covered areas with Michelin branding on the material than 'containers' so I am not sure where the title came from. Maybe they are supposed to have containers underneath.

This looks a pretty much spotless model with no obvious signs of playwear at all. the blue paintwork is excellent, nice clean and clear windows and the Michelin Mn on top of the cab, looking very vulnerable, has survived! the yellow plastic loads are clean, with full decals in place and the articulated trailer is also in beautiful condition.

You won't find many of these going cheaply and certainly not in this good a condition unless you are very lucky and the seller doesn't appreciate what he has!