Corgi Toys 1956-73
1106 Mack Container Truck

1106 Mack Container Truck

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Late in the Corgi era came the Mack cab models. Often they pulled something that had had a Scammell before but with a change of colours.

You'll recognise the trailer and wheels on this one. The Mack cab is quite basic with little detailing and, although the bonnet opens, the engine is very bland-looking. This has two nice plastic but well-constructed red containers, each with opening doors at one end. The gaps in the top of the containers are to enable them to be picked up by a Crane. i cannot recall whether the pieces that fit in the gaps came with this model's packing or that of the Crane.

This came along in 1972 and stayed until 1977 but not many were sold and they're not that common nowadays. This is in pretty good condition, with the exhaust in place, clean paintwork, screens and nice wheels and rear section.
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