Corgi Toys 1956-73
1106 Karrier Gamecock Decca Airfield Radar Truck

1106 Karrier Gamecock Decca Airfield Radar Truck

64 GBP
Here is a fine example of the rarer of two varieties of this military truck, issued in early 1959. This is the version with four orange bands. Most were produced with five.

Available for just a couple of years, these military items had a limited appeal and none were big sellers at the time. This has a similar sales figure to the Mechanical edition of the Ford Thunderbird, for example. 

This is a smart piece of equipment. A gear on the side can be turned to rotate the big scanner device rapidly and smoothly. This has very clean and good paintwork, the only marks being a scratch on the roof of the cab and one or two other very small marks. The windows are all clear and very clean with no scratches or cracks. The scanner aerial looks like a replacement and there is a small piece missing from the folding rear aerial which is original. The paper stickers on each side are excellent and original - often these fall off in cleaning and replacements can be the incorrect transfer type.

The base is clean and rust-free and the wheels nice and shiny. The tyres are original and show no wear. It is important that these are in top condition and not about to crack or disintegrate because you will see that the way the model has been constructed means that it is actually impossible to replace them! Do look out for this when considering others - even those that appear new or have boxes.

This has been owned by a colleague in Wales who is running out of space on his shelf and I can vouch that he will have cared for this over the years.