Corgi Toys 1956-73
1105 Car Transporter with 1101 Cab

1105 Car Transporter with 1101 Cab

25 GBP
This model is part of a collection that I am selling on behalf of a friend and colleague and funds are for his son to do a World Scouting Trip. So the prices are all very reasonable and I can warrant that they are all one owner and original.

I have an old Bedford 'Big' cab which would have been used for the 1101 Transporter and a rear section which would have been attached to the later cab as 1105. Until I can find something better to do with either they are for sale together and, for all I know, may even have been what my friend's parents actually bought if it had been a time when the change from one to the other was happening.

The red cab is very good. The wheels are excellent and windows clear. The articulated section is superb, almost unmarked, in really first class condition but is missing the ramp. This is the later version with suspension and that is working.

This represents very good value, especially if you have either of the other elements to make a 'correct 1101 or 1105!