Corgi Toys 1956-73
1104 Bedford TK Racehorse Transporter (Late Edition)

1104 Bedford TK Racehorse Transporter (Late Edition)

25 GBP

A late edition, appearing in 1973 for a few years, this is the same unit but now lacking mirrors and getting the modern style of wheels. And, of course, it gets a new coat of paint - now in a very bright yellowish green with a bright orange-yellow plastic section.

This example has nice original labels in place for Newmarket Racing Stables and one piece of cardboard hay inside still. It would have been supplied with four racing horses (looking a bit like those from the old pony trailer) with horse blankets in different colours, a stable lad figure and some hay bales.

These models do not seem to be particularly popular at the moment and prices are low so this very nice example is one of the cheapest items. I would still expect a complete item to be worth holding on to, however, if you can find one!

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