Corgi Toys 1956-73
1100 Bedford Carrimore Low Loader (2)

1100 Bedford Carrimore Low Loader (2)

40 GBP
A nice example of one of the very first Corgi Majors, the Carrimore Low Loader pulled by a Big Bedford Tractor. This is in very good condition with a nice red cab and the correct, darker metallic blue trailer.

There are some small chips to the cab and some loss of silver paint on the lights and bumper but it remains very fine to view on display, these being hardly noticeable. The screens are all clean and clear. the trailer has some signs of playwear with some paint loss on the bed and edges. The rear folding section is good, however, and complete and the Corgi logo is in place and intact.

The winch works but one of the plastic grips needs to be replaced. The cord is original and the mechanism functions as it should do.

This is the more common colour scheme and is one of two that I have available - the other being the yellow cab version.
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