Corgi Toys 1956-73
1100 Bedford Carrimore Low Loader (1)

1100 Bedford Carrimore Low Loader (1)

55 GBP
Here is a wonderful example of one of the very first Corgi Majors, the Big Bedford Tractor pulling a Carrimore Low Loader. This has a nicely engineered winch that works very well and has its original cord and elements. The tail section folds and opens out to enable machinery to be driven or pulled on board.

This is in super condition with barely a mark to be seen after all these years. It is the scarcer yellow can edition with the correct slightly paler shade of metallic blue for the trailer section. The Corgi transfer is in place and intact on the ramp and the wheels are good with good tyres. The screens are also clear and clean.

A very nice example. I also have a red cab and darker blue version for sale.

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