Corgi Toys 1956-73
1101 Bedford Car Transporter

1101 Bedford Car Transporter

42 GBP
This model is part of a collection that I am selling on behalf of a friend and colleague and funds are for his son to do a World Scouting Trip. So the prices are all very reasonable and I can warrant that they are all one owner and original.

This is one of the very earliest Corgi Car Transporters and looks great in this colour scheme. The yellow rear section is not that easy to find these days and this is in pretty good condition for something that will have been well used 60 years ago! The ramp is the bit that usually disappears but this is still the original and has the Corgi logo and number plate too. The cab is in very good condition with good windows and wheels and original tyres.

This would be particularly suitable for someone making up the Gift Set 1.

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