Corgi Toys 1956-73
102 Rice Pony Trailer late edition (rebuilt)

102 Rice Pony Trailer late edition (rebuilt)

30 GBP
The 102 Pony Trailer started as red or cream with a simple wire drawbar, the same as was used on some trailers. In late 1962 these were replaced by  a solid bar that was an extension of the base. Whilst most of these new versions were brown and cream, a few retained the original red and black colour scheme. These models would also have free-spinning shaped wheels in place of the fixed flat wheels.

These are very hard to find in red and black so I decided to try and build one from various parts I had lying around. This is the result of that project and looks really just like the scarce real thing. By a bit of good luck, I also seem to have the right shade of red.

This is a rather cheaper alternative that may fill a gap in one's collection and it also looks very smart on display.